Located on the Charlestown waterfront, Revolution Sound is a creative home and production headquarters for Boston’s finest musicians and songwriters. We function as a collaborative song incubator where artists are encouraged to make use of all our resources, instruments, and equipment. We also provide production help, vocal production, songwriting, and mastering services.  Our setup works great for songwriters and equally well for bands looking to record all at once with three rooms, sight lines and an iso booth for tracking.


Control Room A is unique to the Boston area, offering a blend of high end gear, professional staff and services at an affordable rate. It features a 32 I/O Pro Tools HDX system, a live room and two iso booths. The control room is stocked with 28 channels of vintage and modern mic preamps, plenty of outboard gear and lots of software. We also offer rare and vintage instruments and a stellar collection of drums and amps.