Our main recording space is welcoming, intimate and acoustically neutral.  The live room is isolated from the rest of the building and has sight lines to the control room and booth, it’s easy for bands to play together while we retain sonic control and separation.  It’s also home to our well kept, 70’s vintage, Kawai KU-5D Upright piano. We’re fans of today’s great digital pianos but when your music needs an organic sound this Kawai is a great option.


Control Room A is unique to the Boston area, offering a blend of high end gear, professional staff and services at an affordable rate. It features a 32 I/O Pro Tools HDX system, a live room and two iso booths. The control room is stocked with 28 channels of vintage and modern mic preamps, plenty of outboard gear and lots of software.


Control Room B   Choosing this room is an ideal way to reduce overhead while still being plugged in to the main hive at Revolution. Artists can flesh out song ideas and arrangements in the solitude this room offers then move to the A room for tracking drums or mixing.   A Universal Audio Apollo interface provides the front end while Adam and NHT monitors provide playback. B is built for natural sound, acoustic design Lou Clark, of Sonic Space. This room has a sweet selection of outboard as well by Universal Audio, Burl, API and dbx.