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Basses.  There are plenty of options for basses at Revolution. Many of the options are of the vintage/vintage inspired variety with instruments like a Danocaster, Fender, Gibson, Harmony, and Kay. Like our guitars, we always have a few unique pieces, like our 1970’s Japanese Sekova Vulcan and the 1960’s Airline Pocket Bass.

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Guitars, the sound of rock n’ roll and the backbone of popular music for decades… just so happens the studio staff has been acquiring them for a long time. Some are precious, some are ordinary and some are just odd but they’re all meant to be played. Acoustics and electrics, with 4, 6 or 12 strings, our collection provides a full palette of twang, crunch, shimmer and sparkle, whatever your music needs. And we have a banjo ;|

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Amps. There’s a reason we use Marshall, Vox, Fender and Mesa amplifiers, they make that great and familiar sound we love. We have those amps in the studio, among others. It’s these ‘others’, however, that stand out and get used daily. We have a modest collection of vintage Silvertone, Ampeg, Gibson, Guild and Premier amps. These gems are unique and not replicated with software. When a guitar or bass part needs a distinctive sound and pedal or a plugin won’t do, we put these tools to work.

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DRUMS. Revolution Sound Studio houses Dave Brophy’s comprehensive collection of vintage Gretsch and Slingerland drum sets, snare drums and cymbals. Ranging from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. The collection also includes a few Ludwig drums and modern pieces by A&F drums which sound incredible. Get a warm, dry sound in the A room or open up the doors and get a cavernous hallway vibe. No matter what drum sound you have in mind, Revolution Sound has you covered.

“I always love the drum sounds at Revolution. Great room, great mics, great people and now they have all my great vintage drums!!”-Dave Brophy